Translator Corner translates texts from English and French to Italian.

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Medical and Pharmacological

Technical and scientific manuals, medical device instructions, clinical trials, and educational and informational articles.


Presentations of hospitality accommodations, brochures and catalogues, leaflets, tourist guides, and practical information for the travel and vacation industry.


Content for websites, social media, text localization and adaptation, online sales, FAQs, and on-line guides.


Corporate communication, corporate branding, marketing, business letters.


Food and culinary

Material for companies, individuals, and organizations, including cookbooks, menus, content for specialized magazines, and programs for industry events and fairs.

Non-fiction and publishing

Publications, essays, articles for national newspapers and magazines, both print and digital. 


Texts in the field of aeronautics, computer science, digital imaging, and post-editing of machine translation.

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    Every project sent to Translator Corner is given thorough attention in every detail, throughout the entire process, from preparing the texts to delivering ready-to-use documents . 

    Every delivery is absolutely punctual and meets the customer’s requests after a meticulous terminology and style check. Our eye is always kept firmly on the target audience. 

    Translator Corner’s translations start from Prato and go to clients, both Italian and international, looking for special care to be taken in transforming their words from French or English to Italian.

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